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Research Interests:
Applied Microeconomics, Environmental and Sustainability Economics, Behavioral Economics, Social Identity, Political Economy, Labor and Personnel Economics

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Peer-reviewed Publications

Huber, Christoph, Anna Dreber, Jürgen Huber, Magnus Johannesson, Michael Kirchler, Utz Weitzel, Felix Holzmeister, Miguel Abellán, Mario Mechtel (and many others) (2023). Competition and moral behavior: A meta-analysis of forty-five crowd-sourced experimental designs. PNAS 120(23), e2215572120.

Jacobs, Leif, Lara Quack and Mario Mechtel (2022). Distributional Effects of Carbon Pricing by Transport Fuel Taxation. Energy Economics 114, 106290.

Chadi, Adrian, Mario Mechtel and Vanessa Mertins (2022). Smartphone Bans and Workplace Performance. Experimental Economics 25, 287-317.

Gerwanski, Jannik, Mario Mechtel and Patrick Velte (2022). Do Nonprofessional Investors Value the Assurance of Integrated Reports? Experimental Evidence. European Management Journal 40(1), 103-126.

Hett, Florian, Mario Mechtel and Markus Kröll (2020). The Structure and Behavioral Effects of Revealed Social Identity Preferences. Economic Journal 130(632), 2569-2595.

Hermes, Henning, Florian Hett, Mario Mechtel, Felix Schmidt, Daniel Schunk and Valentin Wagner (2020). Do Children Cooperate Conditionally? Adapting the Strategy Method for First-Graders. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 179, 638-652.

Baumann, Florian, Achim Buchwald, Tim Friehe, Hanna Hottenrott and Mario Mechtel (2019). The effect of a ban on late-night off-premise alcohol sales on violent crime: Evidence from Germany. International Review of Law and Economics 60, 105850.

Bäker, Agnes and Mario Mechtel (2019). The Impact of Peer Presence on Cheating. Economic Inquiry 57(2), 792-812.

Verschuere, Bruno, Ewout H. Meijer, Ariane Jim, Katherine Hoogesteyn, Robin Orthey, Randy J. McCarthy, John J. Skowronski, Mario Mechtel, et al. (2018). Registered Replication Report on Mazar, Amir, and Ariely (2008). Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 1(3), 299-317.

McCarthy, Randy J., John J. Skowronski, Bruno Verschuere, Ewout H. Meijer, Ariane Jim, Katherine Hoogesteyn, Robin Orthey, Mario Mechtel, et al. (2018). Registered Replication Report on Srull and Wyer (1979). Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 1(3), 321-336.

Friehe, Tim, Mario Mechtel and Markus Pannenberg (2018). Positional Income Concerns and Personality: Evidence from Germany. Applied Economics Letters 25(14), 1024-1028.

Bäker, Agnes and Mario Mechtel (2018). The Role of Task Meaning on Output in Groups: Experimental Evidence. Managerial and Decision Economics 39(2), 131-141.

Friehe, Tim and Mario Mechtel (2017). Gambling to Leapfrog in Status? Review of Economics of the Household 15(4), 1291-1319.

Bernard, Mark, Florian Hett and Mario Mechtel (2016). Social Identity and Social Free-Riding. European Economic Review 90, 4-17.

Friehe, Tim and Mario Mechtel (2014). Conspicuous Consumption and Political Regimes: Evidence from East and West Germany. European Economic Review 67, 62-81.

Mechtel, Mario (2014). It's the Occupation, Stupid! Explaining Candidates' Success in Low-Information Local Elections. European Journal of Political Economy 33, 53-70.

Mechtel, Mario and Niklas Potrafke (2013). Electoral Cycles in Active Labor Market Policies. Public Choice 156(1-2), 181-194.

Hillesheim, Inga and Mario Mechtel (2013). How Much do Others Matter? Explaining Positional Concerns For Different Goods And Personal Characteristics. Journal of Economic Psychology 34, 61-77.

Bäker, Agnes, Mario Mechtel and Karin Vetter (2012). Beating Thy Neighbor: Derby Effects in German Professional Soccer. Journal of Economics and Statistics 232(3), 224-246.

Mechtel, Mario, Agnes Bäker, Tobias Brändle and Karin Vetter (2011). Red Cards: Not Such Bad News For Penalized Guest Teams. Journal of Sports Economics 12(6), 621-646.

Baumann, Florian, Mario Mechtel and Nikolai Stähler (2011). Employment Protection and Temporary Work Agencies. LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations 25(3), 308-329.


Recent Working Papers

Tohoff, Lukas and Mario Mechtel. Fading Shooting Stars – The Relative Age Effect, Misallocation of Talent, and Returns to Training in German Elite Youth Soccer.

Chadi, Adrian, Mario Mechtel and Vanessa Mertins. Forced to Be Generous – Experimental Evidence on the Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wages Outside the Laboratory.

Mechtel, Mario and Lara Quack. Demand Reactions to Carbon Pricing and Dynamic Distributional Effects of Selected Policy Measures.

Abellán, Miguel, Mario Mechtel, Fabian Paetzel and Christoph Schütt. Markets, social responsibility and identity.

Bäker, Agnes, Jennifer Hofmann and Mario Mechtel. Are humor users the best team players? How naturally occurring workplace humor affects impressions of technical and relational competence and social status.

Majer, Johann, Mario Mechtel, Leon Bajrami and David D. Loschelder. Political orientation and the double-edged role of perspective taking in overcoming outgroup discrimination in a dictator game.


Work in progress

Friehe, Tim, David D. Loschelder and Mario Mechtel. Determinants of the relative importance of group identity and status considerations.

Friehe, Tim and Mario Mechtel. Others' perception of your being ahead: The role of information.

Abellán, Miguel and Mario Mechtel. Socially responsible consumption in market experiments with(out) sellers.

Baumann, Florian, Adrian Chadi and Mario Mechtel. The Causal Effect of Labor Market Uncertainty and Insecurity on Body Weight.

Denter, Philipp and Mario Mechtel. Social Identity and Voting.


Other Publications

Mechtel, Mario (2022). Mikroökonomische Grundlagen der Arbeitsmärkte. Deutschland & Europa, Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg 83-2022, 8-11.

Baumann, Florian, Achim Buchwald, Tim Friehe, Hanna Hottenrott and Mario Mechtel (2020). Beschränktes Alkoholverkaufsverbot in Baden-Württemberg: wirksames Gesetz abgeschafft. Wirtschaftsdienst 100(1), 60-63.

Mechtel, Mario (2016). Ein Handy-Verbot am Arbeitsplatz kann die Leistung steigern. XING Klartext 10-08.2016.

Friehe, Tim and Mario Mechtel (2014). Statuskonsum in Ost- und Westdeutschland: Beeinflusst durch das politische Regime? ifo Dresden berichtet 21(3), 31–36.

Mechtel, Mario (2012). Essays on Political Economy and Social Preferences. Logos: Berlin.

Friehe, Tim and Mario Mechtel (2012). Unterschiedliche Präferenzen für Status in Ost- und Westdeutschland. oekonomenstimme.

Mechtel, Mario and Niklas Potrafke (2012). Aktive Arbeitsmarktpolitik und Wahltermine. ifo Schnelldienst 16-2012, 35-37. Also available at oekonomenstimme.

Mechtel, Mario (2008). Wahlen und Finanzmarktreaktionen, Theorie und Evidenz für Emerging Markets. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller: Saarbrücken.